Facebook Doesn't Really Suck

FB Success
FB Success

I'm kind of a "social media guy". And by "kind of", I  mean "really". Yeah. I love social media. I love its power both professionally and personally. Never in history has there been such instant access to information in such an easy format. Never has it been easier to stay connected to the people that matter to you nor has it ever been as easy to connect to others you may not know that well just yet. For as much as people whine and complain about Facebook (usually on their Facebook profiles...) the site is transformative & there's no denying that. It has changed the very way we interact, and I don't just mean online.

In this past year alone I have gained several new, meaningful friendships that formed out of an initial connection on Facebook.

I've now gotten drinks and had great conversations with multiple people who knew me from childhood and now live in Colorado as well. We hadn't seen each other in years but Facebook helped us connect out here and strike up "new" friendships. One of those friendships has even developed into one I consider near and dear to me and very influential on my life at the moment. [UPDATE: That friendship developed into a marriage.]

Just last night someone who had met me in person exactly once through work probably 7 or 8 years ago reached out seeking advice on what to do in and around Boulder. She had seen recent pictures I had posted of being "out-and-about". I responded and next thing I know we spent half the night emailing back and forth. The conversation quickly developed beyond food & drink suggestions to life outlooks. There we were, two people from very different parts of the country and very little knowledge of each other beyond what we'd gathered on Facebook, yet that was enough to spark a conversation that will certainly lead to even more fascinating conversation when we connect in person at the Mountain Sun or West End Tavern.

I guess my point is in lue of not writing a "Thanksgiving" post, this is it. "Coate, you're thankful for Facebook?" Yes. Absolutely. I'm thankful we have a tool that allows us to foster relationships like this. I'm thankful I have such a ridiculously cool group of people surrounding me and that I can stay in touch with them regularly all in one place. I'm thankful I can feel like I'm part of my extended family in Chicago's life. We weren't the most tight-knit group growing up but now through reading cousins' and aunts' Facebook posts I'm able to interact with their lives.

How has Facebook impacted your life? Do you find it as useful as I do? What's a story you have about a positive connection brought about through Facebook?